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Red Squirrels




Although not especially rich in mammal species the UK does, however have a number of rarer and declining species and several that are unique. These include the elusive wildcat of the remote mountains of Scotland and the pine marten which is extremely rare and elusive.

Other species like the badger and fox remain common despite persecution by humans.

Foxes have become very tame in many areas and will sometimes allow themselves to be fed in back gardens. Badgers are commonest in Devon where they will often come to eat peanuts virtually from the hand. They are marvellous big creatures with an ambling gait.

Normally they appear at dusk and family groups leave their sets to fan out over the countryside in search of food, meeting up again later at the set again.

Another rare and endangered creature is the enigmatic water vole which if you are very lucky can be observed closely at Arundel Wildfowl Centre where they have been reintroduced to the marshes.

The wildlife of these islands is in a perilous state and it is increasingly difficult for it to survive. I hope that in the photographs that follow you will be able to see the beauty that still remains and I hope it will stir some interest in you to seek out your own wildlife encounters as well.



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